“Show home”, “model home”…if you’ve looked at the social media/online presences of home builders, you likely are familiar with these words. But Welcome Center? That’s a new one. Rooftight, one of the leading home builders in Atlantic Canada, uses it—and has for years.

Ever wonder why?

“Everything we put into our Welcome Center—the home itself, the marketing, the way we do business—is to be welcoming to people. We design it as we would our own home,” says Rooftight’s designer Michelle Reid. We create a new Welcome Center every few years, relocating to Rooftight’s newest construction phase. Then, the house which formerly acted as the team’s base of operations becomes a home for a new Rooftight family.

Distinctly, explains Reid, the Welcome Center both feels and looks like a real Rooftight home. Sure, the team’s office is there, up the reliably beautiful set of custom stairs— and of course, there’s the signature Rooftight design lab in the finished basement. “But it just lives like a home,” she explains. “we furnish it, and decorate it as such.”

More than that, the Welcome Center is an all-inclusive experience. Everything happens there: open houses, client meetings, contract-signing, design meetings. “When our clients get to the design stage—after the purchase and they are beginning their selections with me—everything is still done at the Welcome Center,” Reid says. “All of the ancillary services that Rooftight provides can be overseen at the office. It’s a very neutral, welcoming environment. It’s a living, breathing home.” The team lives there as if it was their home as well; you can find them enjoying meals together in the dining room, cooking in the kitchen, and at any time you can find them scattered around the house—doing their own thing working hard for our clients.

Want to sip a latte over flooring samples? You got it. Perhaps a glass of red wine during a late afternoon light fixture consultation—coming right up. Reid continually brings up how important it is to Rooftight that the Welcome Center is a complete experience, not just an office. Client’s kids are welcome to relax in the living room, and the door to the snack cupboard is always open.

Angie Garnier, Rooftight’s sales manager, also loves how the Welcome Center is a uniquely client-centric environment. “I think my favourite part about the Welcome Center is having everything in the same spot. People may not be comfortable talking to a mortgage broker [by themselves], so we don’t just give our clients someone’s card and send them away,” says Garnier. “I love watching people coming in, and them truly feeling like they’re home.”

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