Is the thought of selling new construction to your clients stressing you out?  Don’t shy away from it because you are not familiar with the process.  New construction offers a great opportunity to find the perfect home for your buyers, and the most important thing is finding the right builder. Here are five differentiators that set Rooftight apart.

1.    The ability to have your commission paid early versus waiting until closing day. New construction takes time and we recognize that you can’t press hold on your monthly overhead. Ask us about our early payment plan to help bridge the gap.

2.    It couldn’t be easier for you (and your clients) with our proven building process. For us at Rooftight it’s not just a transaction. It’s about an unparalleled customer experience. You focus on the sale, we’ll focus on delivering a positive and memorable client experience allowing you to focus your time on your other prospects.

3.    Your clients are not overwhelmed with the myriad of decisions that go into building a home – they’ll value the help of Rooftight’s award-winning designer – Michelle and her expert advice to create a stylish home that’s all their own. It all takes place within the comfort of our Design Studio, so forget running around town making selections based on unrealistic allowances. Her assistance is included in the price of the home – so no added cost – just incredible value for buyers.

4.    Your clients will love you when you share Rooftight’s 5 Year Warranty with them. That’s incredible peace of mind and is unparalleled in the industry. We know that they lead busy lives and we want to be the ones they turn to when they need a hand. That’s just one of the perks of joining the Rooftight Family.

5.    Your clients can rest assured they are purchasing a superior product by the craftsmanship and attention to detail that Rooftight has become known for after twenty-three years in the industry. With one of HRM’s most respected builders closing day will be an enjoyable experience with no drama and no theatrics. We build it. We stand behind it. We know you’ll love it.

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