By Meg Smith

The Rooftight team agrees that one of the defining aspects of the Welcome Center is the fact that, while it acts as their office, it looks and feels just like a home. So naturally, plenty of thought and time went into designing the new Welcome Center, from plan stage to every element of finish including furniture & accessories. The Rooftight team—particularly Michelle Reid (Rooftight’s interior designer), and Angie Garnier (Rooftight’s sales manager)—is thrilled to begin showing the home to clients and visitors.

For Reid, the designer of the home, there are tons of elements to coo over. “The starting points for my designs are always different. The tile I used in the foyer and as the kitchen backsplash was the pivotal element for me in this house—and it remains as the homes most unique feature,” Reid says. Garnier, on the other hand, says that she finds the “wow” factor in the home’s master bedroom, ensuite and closet. “It is calm, classy & creative,” she explains.

When asked about the design of the home, both Reid and Garnier cited the large, square kitchen island as a central focal point of the home. When asked what her favourite aspect of the home is, Garnier said: “The kitchen island is my favorite feature; it is large and has lots of room for making memories around. That is where people tend to gather, whether it’s a social setting with friends or a dinner with family. It’s where conversations happen. It’s where laughter is heard, filling the home.” Reid expresses the same sentiment, explaining that the 6 foot island can seat up to six people comfortably while offering tons of optimal storage space. The beautiful countertop also cannot help but catch the eye.

This home is all about details—there is no lack of them. The home is a transitional design, which Garnier eloquently explains as “the best of both worlds. A splash of contemporary with traditional roots.” In spirit of that, Reid says that her favourite feature in the home is the beautiful blush and rose coloured wallpaper in the master bedroom, which combines the traditionalism of wallpaper with a modern accent design. “You just have to see it in person!” Reid insists.

If you would like to explore the beautiful new Welcome Center, please visit us at 87 Innsbrook Way, Bedford on Saturday & Sunday 1-4pm or by appointment. Also, be sure to follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to see pictures and other content concerning Rooftight’s brand new home.

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