“My official title is ‘office manager’. But my role has evolved to be…what everyone else doesn’t want to do,” laughs Rosemary Lacroix, Rooftight’s office manager and the team’s metaphorical linchpin. Lacroix has been an employee at the company for over two years, and the team agrees that she is more than ready to take on the tasks that everybody else cringes at.
“What I would like people to know about my role is that ‘office manager’ doesn’t really cover everything that I do. It’s a lot more than that, but it’s the best term we have right now,” says Lacroix. When looking at her typical day, it is easy to see why that title doesn’t even come close to describing the range of work she does in the office.
“The day that Scott [Rooftight’s president] hired me, I actually looked at him and said “you’re very, very lucky to have me,’” Lacroix shares. “I’m one of the four people in the world who thoroughly enjoys doing paperwork.’” Her passion for paperwork and bookkeeping certainly takes up a huge share of her role in the company, making her an organizational fiend. Her work closet looks like a Staples ad, which she takes enormous pride in.
However, Lacroix performs various other tasks which pop up randomly everyday. She manages organizational issues, invoices, inspections, price setting and client finances, among many other things. “My role is very much a support role,” Lacroix explains. “It’s really just whatever everybody else needs. So, if the project managers say they need this because they have an inspection going on, then I put together those packages. If Michelle [the in-house interior designer] says she needs me to quote client requests, then I’ll help Michelle, and so on.” She is easily described as a chameleon—Scott Smith, the president of Rooftight, calls her the server of the company. “Everything kind of flows in, and through, and out me, so it’s never the same day twice. And I love that,” Lacroix explains with a smile.
When asked what her favourite part about working for Rooftight is, Lacroix says it is definitely the team. “I love my team. Every single one of them. I don’t know what I would do without them, both in my work life and personal life. We really are truly a family,” she explains heartwarmingly.
If you would like to learn more about what Rosemary and the rest of the team do at Rooftight, please visit the Our Team page on our website. Feel free to drop in to our new Welcome Center at 87 Innsbrook Way, West Bedford on Sunday
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