By Michelle Reid

Ever wonder what hundreds of good ideas melded together look like? Here are five reasons why The Palmer on Innsbrook should be your next home purchase.

1.   The welcome begins with a transitional exterior that captures the best of traditional and modern styles.

2.   A serene colour palette. We know life is busy so colour makes its appearance in a quiet manner. Comfort is top of mind.

3.   Light fixtures that are both airy and striking. You’ll be visually inspired. Guaranteed.

4.   Twelve-foot stack back patio doors opening up your great room to extended outdoor living. Breezes and barefoot traffic are encouraged.

5.   An ensuite that offers a cocooning experience with its luxurious “floating sculpture” tub when it’s time to relax. A welcome reward at the end of a hectic day.

Rooftight. Commitment to exceptional design.

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