If you take a drive through The Parks of West Bedford, you are bound to notice the beautiful front doors on Rooftight homes. Ranging from deep walnut stain to statement colours like lilac or red, each is unique. Every Rooftight team member can call to mind a time when an open-house visitor or a client has cooed over these beautiful doors.

Every finish in a Rooftight home is designed by people who pay the utmost attention to detail; it is what makes them special. These extraordinary doors are no exception; enter Fall River-based decorative artist Lisa Keay.

“I am an artist. I paint anything from portraits, figurative, landscapes or seascapes,” says Keay, when asked what exactly she does. “Also, aside from doing just canvas painting, I do any kind of decorative work from murals to marbling, and—of course—the great doors showcased at Rooftight.” The authentic wood look, says Keay, is made by painting every single line and swirl of the wood-like texture by hand.

The doors are Wanderlust Studio’s headliners in Rooftight homes. However, Keay adds that they are not the only service she provides through Rooftight—she also creates murals in select Rooftight homes.

Keay says started out as a drywaller, so working in homes comes naturally to her. Keay’s skill set as an artist—being able to create anything from entry level works to incredibly advanced pieces—gives her and her clients complete creative freedom. She says just sitting down with clients, figuring out what they want and then bringing it to life is reward enough.

Keay’s introduction to Rooftight is one which shows why she and the team work so well together; Rooftight Construction and Wanderlust Studios are two companies who care deeply about the details. “When I first met the Rooftight crew, […] friends of mine were building [a home] in Fall River and didn’t hire Rooftight, and other friends did. The massive difference between the two builders—what the product was in the end…I wanted to work with Rooftight. The quality is there, people expect a certain level. I didn’t want to work with the other builder. I would rather go with the level Rooftight is known for; that’s where I want to be as an artist.”

Keay works mainly with Rooftight’s in-house interior designer Michelle Reid, who takes clients’ design wishes—for the signature doors mainly, but also for muraling—and hands them over for creative development at Wanderlust Studios. Keay’s artistic abilities and uniquely close relationship with the Rooftight family makes her one of the team’s most gifted and treasured trades.

If you would like to learn more about Lisa Keay and her incredible work, please visit her website.

To learn more about Rooftight’s detail-attentive trades and design strategies please visit our website, our Instagram, and our Facebook Page.

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