The decor and furniture industry is steadily becoming larger, and seemingly more expensive. It can be difficult to find your favourite styles in large home decor stores without a lead-heavy price tag attached. One company that opposes this trend—a company which happens to be one of Rooftight’s favourite stops for interior design—is the uber popular IKEA. A leader in hybrid competitive business strategy, IKEA offers an incredible inventory of styles for people of all ages and tastes for some of the market’s lowest prices. Rooftight’s interior designer, Michelle Reid, has compiled a list of four current IKEA items which are cost-effective, fabulously designed, and versatile enough to fit any style of home.

  1. Unique in its understated appearance, the Tobias acrylic dining chair is equally at home in an urban apartment or grouped around Grandma’s antique farm table. The chair’s moulded seat is incredibly comfortable and looks and feels like it is floating due to its distinctive flexible anatomy.
  2. These low profile serving bowls are both modern and practical. The ocean-inspired azure glass vessels make these bowls equally as effective for decoration as they are for practical use. It is the perfect accent piece for any modern minimalist living space.
  3. Low-cost and practical items often lack style, but this bathroom hardware breaks all the stereotypes. The beautiful chrome finish which conceals hidden screws, only showing its eye-catching face. It also takes up significantly less room than a towel bar while keeping your bathroom essentials just as dry.
  4. The reign of traditional, and often top-heavy floor lamps is being challenged with this striking cylindrical lamp. While offering tons of soft light from top to bottom, this piece is just as decorative as the popular tropical floor plant—a perfect solution for design-savvy homeowners who have pets.

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