By Meg Smith

Rome wasn’t built in a day—and neither was the dedicated team at Rooftight. From the three industrious project managers to the creative interior designer and others, Rooftight has all the bases covered amongst the staff. Although everyone is distinct in their role and what they bring to the team, each member compliments the next; and it shows in the homes Rooftight builds.

So…what makes the team work so well?

President Scott Smith claims it comes down to one quality: keenness. “The very first thing I look for is keen,” says Smith. “You can’t teach keen. You either have it, or you don’t.” Each Rooftight staff member has a passion for what they do, striving to do their best. From preliminary floor plans to light fixtures, the team ensures every detail is how you want it. However, the team has more than just a desire to succeed in their own roles, which Smith makes very clear. “I think we are so successful because we work so well together. We cover each others’ backs. There are strong relationships there.”

When asked what he thinks makes a good team in the home-building industry, Smith said this: “I would say a [successful] team is one that cares about what they do, because that really transfers over to the homes. If you care about what you do, you care about the product—as well as the customers, and the experience they have.”

The Rooftight team is not all work, though. The group goes on staff retreats together and sometimes spends their afternoons in the great room of their office laughing about old times. Some staff members have been there since near the beginning. That is part of what makes the company so authentic, which is one of Rooftight’s core values.

Rooftight’s philosophy, says Smith, is “do it right or don’t do it”. The team doesn’t settle for second best, and the president says the best comes from giving each staff member their independence. “I give everyone ownership of what they do,” Smith explains. “There is more than one way to get to a destination, so I let people find their own way. As long as they get to where I need them to be at the end, that’s all that matters. I think if you give your team ownership of their roles from the get-go when you’re not around, they can figure it out on their own.”

Rooftight has high expectations for its team members—it’s how Rooftight houses have become Rooftight homes. However, Smith says that ultimately his favourite thing about his team is that they have fun doing just about everything that they do. From client meetings to creative brainstorms, it’s rare not to hear giggles throughout the Rooftight Welcome Center.

Rooftight is one of the leading home-builders in Nova Scotia. Its unique team is unquestionably the main force behind the success. All in all, it’s safe to say true authenticity—that means both sedulousness and silliness—is the secret ingredient to this dream team.

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